a great photographic recap from the BRICKS show by KONSEPT we participated in last Saturday in Santa Ana’s March Artwalk. www.photosbyac.com
thank you for the support!
UPDATE: Due to weather, the new location for tonight’s event we will be partaking in will be at 305 E. 4th St. Suite 103 in Santa Ana. See you tonight!
pardon the hue differentiation. hoodie available tomorrow at the santa artshow at 300 E. 4th St. #santaana
baseball jackets at our booth tomorrow at 300 E. 4th St. Santa Ana?
‘til tomorrow everyone.
NEWS: We will be closing the pre-order door for our satin baseball jacket Friday, February 7th at 11pm. Expect a confirmation/follow up email on shipping details once production is confirmed. Thanks again for the support!
a very special delivery coming very soon at the shop we held a fundraiser and sold our H/YRP shirts at. #staytuned

NEWS: SYXERRO / ALL HAIL NOIR / DANGER music video with our friend @indigawd. You did that “Inglorious” jacket justice! #gameover #thankyou #usnru #rotu #superlatepost #weresorry

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